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Rewards based on $1,000 wagered per month annually and includes a combination of cashback, store cash and free DRF Plus. DRF Bets rewards are awarded monthly. DRF Bets cashback portion of rewards is based on member wagering $1,000 per month and also owning an active DRF past performances plan. These members can earn up to 1.5% cashback on wagers. Members with no PP plan still earn store cash and free DRF Plus. Wager $8,000/month or more and earn up to 5% cashback.
A program designed by players, for players.
Real Rewards.
Our players earn real rewards,
including cashback starting at
just $1,000 wagered
per month
No Calculations.
There's no complicated
point system,
just a
percentage back and free
stuff every month.
No Track Bias.
You'll have the freedom to
bet whatever tracks you
like and earn the same
rewards everywhere.
Free DRF PPs.
We're the only service
that offers members free
DRF Classic PPs
and other
premium DRF products.
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